In 2005, two seasoned lighting professionals, with several years of experience in project manufacturing of decorative commercial lighting, started Impact Architectural Lighting.  Equipped with a couple of 2nd mortgages, laptops and a handful of designs, Terri Lux and Barry Scott became small business owners.

The first thing you need to know about us is: we wear jeans to work. We are not a Dot Com and this is not Silicon Valley but at Impact you will find a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in which to work. Our employees have fun, a sense of purpose, and feel important and vital to the company, because they are.

The second thing is: we love this business. Designing lighting fixtures that get Specifiers excited, traveling and meeting new people and old friends in the industry, the pressure of "just-in-time" manufacturing and getting product to the job site, the challenge of new light sources and meeting the various demands of a variety of markets across the U.S., we absolutely love it. Sick, I know.

The third thing is: we are proud of what we do. We make every attempt to satisfy the market's need for similar products while putting our own spin on each design. We take pride in our assembly, finish, and packaging knowing that our fixtures will be scrutinized by the installer, specifier and end user. Responding quickly to the rare issues that come up helps ensure their rarity. Of course, our chests pump up the most when we see our fixtures contributing to an amazing interior space where we have added a little impact.

Relevant designs, competitive pricing and prompt customer service. We are Impact Architectural Lighting and we are looking forward to the next 10 years and beyond.  How can we help you create a little impact?

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